Racing Through Rome

Tiramisu di Fragola at L'Asino d'Oro (home of the best lunch deal in Rome)

I have written an article about the the food we ate on a recent trip to Rome for Parla Food, a site that records the personal thoughts of food and travel writer Katie Parla. I hope you enjoy the piece, as well as the rest of her Italy and Turkey focused content.

New Yorkers, Londoners and Romans (does anyone use that term anymore?) should take note that Katie is also introducing a series of culinary events later this year. These should prove to be very interesting and fun.

You can find photo sets of most of the meals we had in Rome (as well as in Umbria) within my Flickr sets.

Buon appetito!

5 thoughts on “Racing Through Rome

    • Thanks John. Also, Katie has a really good mobile site (easily accessible on an iPhone or such) which gives her personal recommendations for Rome. She also has a similar one for Istanbul. You can find them both here. A little bird told me there will be embedded apps soon…

      Hope all is well.

  1. so nice of you to contribute that enlightening post to Parla Food! I really enjoyed reading about your culinary journey and hope you make it back to Rome–and its wonderful restaruants–soon! a presto!

    • The pleasure was all mine! And thanks to you for all of the recommendations – we have so many left to try…so many. And that’s a good thing 🙂

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