Laissez Fare is Moving

In case you hadn't heard, I'm moving to New York

Well, it’s been 10 years, one month and 10 days since I first moved to London. Given that I’ve lived here for the majority of my adult life, it’s come to feel like home more than anywhere else does. Most of our good friends live here too. So why the move?

Well, a lot of it is due to the recent arrival of Baby LF and the fact that neither my wife nor I actually have any family living here in London, or further afield in the UK. We looked at France, but due in part to my lack of French-speaking ability (I know, lame, right?), it turned out to be easier to move to the US, especially as this enabled me to keep my current job.

I will genuinely miss London. We’ve grown accustomed to our neighborhood and love it, plus the majority of our close friendships will continue to be anchored here for a long time…if not forever in some cases. And, of course, in recent years we’ve been exploring the increasingly exciting culinary delights that the city has to offer.

Although I never expected it to happen when I started this blog, I’ve met so many new people who share similar passions and interests, and many of them have turned into friends outside the often surreal world of social media – perhaps, then, that is the real wonder of this particular niche of technology? You can very quickly come into direct contact with a group of people who care about the same things you do and, through a bit of research and a little luck, many of these virtual contacts can end up enriching your real life as well.

In  any case, I wish I had been able to stay a little longer in London town as I feel like there are a lot of people I’ve only met once or twice who could have ended up being great friends over time – maybe some of us still will despite the fact that an ocean lies between us. But such is life, and in my book, conscious and concerted change is nearly always a good thing.

I plan to keep on blogging about food, write more about wine and add some more travel adventures to the site too (assuming of course that I actually have some), and many of these experiences will now be geographically centered in North America – though I hope through my job I’ll still be coming back to London and Europe pretty regularly.

Anyway, I’m going on a bit now – and if you’re still reading, you will not be surprised by this – so let me just say these final things:

  • Please do stay in touch – I certainly will, and will continue to monitor the goings on in the UK’s food and drink industry
  • Please do recommend people who I should be following and connecting with in New York – and more broadly in the US – as I would like to replicate the wonderful group of food and wine enthusiasts I’ve managed to meet in London on the other side of the Atlantic
  • Please don’t hesitate to contact me should you want any recommendations on New York, or other US, restaurants
  • Please don’t make fun of me if (for the Commonwealthers) I begin to sound too American, or (for the Americans) if I sound over Anglicized – I’ll try, as always, to maintain the delicate balance 🙂

So that’s about it. I do have five or six UK-based posts to complete, so I will be finishing those off once we are settled on the other side of the proverbial pond. Then, I have a few exciting New York posts already written (in my head) to share with you, and I hope a wealth more to come.

Thus, please bear with me for a few weeks in case the site remains stagnant – this will only be because the rest of my life is quite fluid.

All the best,



16 thoughts on “Laissez Fare is Moving

  1. Awwww LF!!!!!This post was just the right side of emotional!! Everyone here at DR wishes you, Mrs LF and Baby LF all the luck with your move. Hope you will continue with twitter so we can all keep up with whats happening! It’s been great reading your steak inspired poems/rhymes and we will miss those!
    Best of luck and cant wait to read about your state side adventures!!

    • Thanks very much for your kind wishes. I only hope that I’ll be able to find beef in the US that’s as good as yours that’s delivered so efficiently and carefully to my door – I know there is ostensibly a lot of good beef Stateside, but wonder whether it will satisfy as much as your grass-fed Scottish meat.

      Have no fear, I will continue to keep my favorite Scottish follower(s?) up to date with my culinary adventures, and I just may have to dedicate another ghastly rhyme or two to Donald Russell! 😉

      Thanks again and keep well.

      Best regards,


  2. A pleasure to meet you the other day LF, I’ll see you around Twitter I’m sure.

    All the very best. Hope the travel goes well – I expect a detailed critique of the in-flight meal.

    • Thank you BS (you did realize that is your twitter handle acronym?!) 😉

      All packed now, just the long flight ‘home’ to look forward to now…first flight with our own baby, so payback time for all those babies that kept me up on transatlantic flights (that is kind of evil, but hey).

      Let’s just hope Baby LF likes flying as much as my wife and I do!

      Will doubtlessly be in touch on twitter soon.

      All the best,


  3. Wishing you the best of luck in the USA.
    Thanks for this decade of awesome writings. Please keep this blog available even if you are going to stop reviewing UK’s restaurants: so many highly informative material.

    • Many thanks for that! I will keep the blog available as long as WordPress exists 🙂 and will still write about UK restaurants when I visit.

      Best regards,


  4. Good luck! It was lovely to have met you, and I’m sorry it wasn’t sooner since we turned out to pretty much live around the corner from each other!

    Can’t wait to read up on your New York adventures!

    • Thanks very much Melanie – I know, I’m sorry we only just met before I moved.

      Anyway, I will look forward to reading about your London adventures!!! 🙂



    • Thanks very much, and I know, I am feeling a little empty with no one to 4sq stalk 🙂

      Things have been a bit hectic (hey, what did I expect), but hopefully will settle in during the coming few weeks.

      Hope all is well in London!


  5. A belated farewell (i’ve been away & just catching up on my reading) – good luck with everything back home. Sorry we didn;t manage to catch up before you left.

    I now know where to look for restaurants if I ever make it back to NYC!

    All the best


    • Thx very much Craig – indeed a shame we didn’t manage to hook up before D(eparture) day 😦 Was just too busy.

      Getting excited about upcoming US posts…after a few more UK ones I never got around to finishing.

      Hope all is well with you two too.



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