Delicatessen Yoshino – Very Cheap & Decent Sushi

Delicatessen Yoshino
59 Shaftesbury Avenue
London W1D 6LF

Take-away sushi – you can fill yourself up for around £5/person and gorge yourself for £8-10

Extremely cheap sushi (compared to normal London prices) that is perfectly passable

Extremely cheap sushi (compared to normal London prices) that is fresh & perfectly passable

Yoshino has stopped supplying the sushi at The Japan Centre in Piccadilly, and has moved down the street to 59 Shaftesbury Avenue. It is basically a small and narrow little place which looks like a massive deli counter of assorted nigiri, small roll, inari mixed roll and medium roll sushi. Everything is packed in the same style, with a styrofoam bottom that is tightly wrapped in plastic and a little sticker in the corner with the name of the dish and price.

When I say, cheap, I mean cheap. We are talking 8 sushi rolls for between £1.80-3.50, with the majority around the £2.00-2.80 mark. So, of course the problem with a place like this – if you are like me – is that you get really excited because you can try so many things for about £7-8.  Like a kid in a candy shop – if you like sushi, of course.

I have been there a few times now to get a take-away for lunch (that’s the only option, no eating in), and have been impresses by how much you can get for your money compared to other sushi joints in London. Overall, the quality is consistently passable, and at times quite good. In other words, everything is very fresh, and while I haven’t had anything that I didn’t think was okay, this sushi is not going to ‘wow’ you either in most cases.

Some of the dishes I’ve had more than once are the sweet omelet, the carrot and sweet bean curd inari, and the prawn tempura and organic salmon rolls, all of which do the trick if you fancy a mixture of sweet and fishy sushi fare. The miso soup also isn’t bad (the right amount of saltiness), and is choc full of mushrooms most of the time.

A crap Blackberry photo (apologies) of some of what's on offer at Yoshino

A crap Blackberry photo (apologies) of some of what's on offer at Yoshino

So, if you feel like gorging yourself on some perfectly acceptable sushi for less than a tenner (or just filling your tummy for a fiver), Yoshino is your place.  You can find most of the things they sell at the counter on their online menu.

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7 thoughts on “Delicatessen Yoshino – Very Cheap & Decent Sushi

    • No problem – let me know what you think if you go there. Just thought it would be good to let people know it’s there as it is kind of easy to miss 🙂

  1. Love this place. We frequented it regularly when we were poor starving students and still pop in when we’re in the area (still poor and starving, just one of us is still a student!). I like their prawn tempura rolls best, I think!

  2. I adore Yoshino! Especially when it’s all half price at the end of the day. I love chicken katsu sushi and the prawn tempura. Delicious!

  3. The sushi at Yoshino is delicious, the best by far when compared to any supermarket, M&S, Wasabi, etc… and the price is really affordable.
    I just wish they would open more shops. Instead we are getting Wasabi shops which are not half as good 😦
    Yoshino is the best !

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