Eastside Inn

Bjorn van der Horst's newly opened Eastside Inn in London's Clerkenwell district

Bjorn van der Horst's newly opened Eastside Inn in London's Clerkenwell district

I have been waiting for this place to open for ages.  It was about 8 months delayed, but opened about 2 weeks ago.  Bjorn van der Horst is one of my favorite chefs in London, and my wife and I really loved the food and staff at his previous restaurant La Noisette (which was part of Gordon & Co.).  Bjorn, who was raised in the US by French and Swiss parents, has opened Eastside Inn in Clerkenwell in partnership with his wife.

The restaurant is split into two sections, with the Bistro side being dedicated to reasonably-priced French regional cusisine, and the Gastro side serving Bjorn’s signature modern French food with a twist.  I am pleased that they have kept their brilliant pastry chef, and their carefully selected wine list of around 200 from smaller producers also has a lot of promise.

A Gold Sphere with Popcorn Milk Sorbet

A Gold Sphere with Popcorn Milk Sorbet

You can view a video of Bjorn talking about his new (and fist solo) venture here.  Their website, which seems like it still needs some finishing touches, can be found here (the Master Classes, tought by Bjorn, look like they could be interesting, however no pricing or dates are mentioned yet).

I have booked a table in the Gastro section in late June, so look forward to updating you on how it goes.

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