It’s going to be a Ramsay weekend

I am looking forward to this weekend as I will have the unusual opportunity to sample some of the Ramsay empire’s offerings for a relatively small outlay.

Boxwood Offer

A special weekly-changing seasonal prix-fixe menu from Stuart Gillies at Boxwood Cafe.

I got emailed a special offer from Boxwood Cafe a while back.  Chef Stuart Gillies is presenting a weekly changing seasonal set menu for £23 for 2 courses and £28 for 3 courses, including a carafe of wine (a selection of old and new world) per guest.  And I took the bait.

I went to Boxwood a few years ago with my family and some friends for a special occasion and, I have to say, I was not overly impressed.  The food was okay (nothing stood out) and the atmosphere of the place was a bit strange (maybe by virtue of it being underground and with no natural light?).  The only real excitement came from the fact that Prince Harry and his entourage were seated in the private area around the corner from our table.  Hopefully, the restaurant can change my mind on Friday!

Anyway, on Sunday we are having dinner at Gordon Ramsay at Claridge’s.  I received a £500 voucher (yes, you read that correct, five hundred pounds!) to spend at the restaurant, so we are definitely in for a treat as this means we have quite a bit to spend on wine.  It might be my first chance to try a d’Yquem, as normally it is too expensive (both to buy retail and especially in a restaurant).  I have never been to Claridge’s and am hoping it lives up to some of my friends’ rave reviews.

I will update you on how we get on with Gordon & Co. sometime next week!


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